FRIDAY 27 MAY 2022


with Krisztina Nemeth


20:30 -21:30

groupe session

Fr. 35.--/pers.


individual sessions

from 12:30  - 17:30

60 min. Fr. 130.-- /pers.

Krisztina Nemeth 

Based in Switzerland, Krisztina is a professional opera singer/instructor by training. She is a graduate of Austria’s University of Music and Performing Arts. In 2012, she discovered her ability as a “Healing Voice Medium.” Soon, her gifts were brought before such famous persons as Masaru Emoto (who wrote her healing book’s forward before he passed into Spirit), Kiara Windrider, Daniel Meurois, Angaangag and Maitra.

From then on she has devoted herself to Healing Voice public presentations for large groups, individual healing sessions, workshops and spiritual retreats in order to share her extraordinary experience with people around the world. Her gifts have been extensively studied by scientific researchers Daniele Gullá and Med. Prof. Carlo Ventura.

Academically, she has studied and been trained further in Mediumship and Trance Healing in Switzerland and at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK.  She now demonstrates mediumistically with various internationally recognized mediums like Chris Drew, Bill Coller, Andrew Byng and Sue Rowland, among others. 

Krisztina has been invited to a number of hugely successful International Congresses in Europe. In 2018, Krisztina founded and organized the successful Symposium "Frequencies" in Italy.

Through her gift Healing Voice, she works in whole of the World and she is available for Individual and Group Healing sessions, workshop, retreat/Healing Tours for develop sensitivity, sound healing and awareness.

She has now published multiple CDs and her own book as follows:
CD Clouds Project (2013) with Quantic Records
CD Healing Voice – Earth (2014)
CD Healing Voice - Water (2015)
CD Healing Voice - Fire (2016)
CD Healing Voice - Unconditional Love - Air" (2017)

The new CD “Home” is available digital or in physical form.

Her first Book “Healing Voice - The healing sound of mediumistic singing” was published by Verdechiaro Ed. English and german versions as eBooks are available. (2016) Her second Book “The woman who started to sing” was published by Verdechiaro Ed. in italian and in german.


Healing Voice – What is it?

Healing Voice is a spiritual healing through Krisztina's operatic voice. Through unique sounds the Spiritual World works on everyone and everything knowing exactly what they need to feel better, centered and reconnected. Healing Voice changes the personal frequency and operates on physically, emotionally and spiritually level.

Krisztina is a channel, a link between the visible and the invisible world. 


Who is a medium?

A medium is a channel, a link between the visible and the invisible world. Krisztina channeling operates through her voice.  


You can experience Healing Voice by:



Krisztina sings with her mediumistic voice for about 25-30 minutes and the public receives the beneficial effects of  Krisztina’s Healing Voice. The public receives messages from the spiritual world after the healing. The session will be ended with the Heart Melody, which is channeled through Krisztina and will sing together.



In individual sessions Krisztina directs her mediumistic sounds with no need to know anything about the person. The healing lasts for 25-30 minutes at the end of which she provides the person with all the information she has received during and right after the sitting.This information is very important for the person in order to awake her soul and improve her life.