Aerial yoga/trapeze yoga is like yoga, but uses a hammock or yoga swing (suspended from the ceiling) to allow you to perform a variety of poses that you normally can't do on a traditional yoga mat.


Health benefits


Improve blood circulation

Aerial yoga helps rotate and move the "stagnant" blood that is staggered in the body. By encouraging healthy blood circulation, aerial yoga may help fight heart disease and, in addition, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Aerial yoga inversions temporarily improve circulation and, in the long run, can provide you with more energy and focus.


Spine decompression

Another health benefit that aerial yoga offers is decompression of the spine; the inversion associated with aerial yoga realigns your body and, more specifically, your spine. When you stand your spine tends to get compressed and squeezed, while hanging upside down allows your body and spine to return to its original position and natural alignment. Free hanging allows the spine to lengthen, and the reduced strain on the back while performing these exercises also relieves tension in the hip joint.


Rejuvenate the body

Improving the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems helps fight aging and its symptoms.